Niseko Renzan Daiko

Niseko Renzan Daiko describes the Niseko Renzan mountain range throughout the 4 seasons.

We start out in late spring. We can feel the lightest spring breeze touching our bodies. The gentle sound of the drums is echoed back to us and reverberates between Mt Annupuri and Mt Iwaopuri.

From spring we go on to summer with the sound of typical summer festival drumming. Such a powerful, inspirational sound. All around us farmers are preparing their fields, sowing seeds, ... We go out for a walk in nature, pushing through the tall bamboo grass.

Then winter arrives. Carrying our skis on our back we climb up the mountain. After reaching the top we put on our skis and start skiing down. Slowly at first, but picking up speed as we go. This really is what winter is all about! So much fun!

After a long winter we start looking forward to spring again. And once it arrives we can hardly contain our feelings of joy. We are overflowing with energy.

These are the 4 seasons of Niseko Renzan Daiko.