Fukidashi Daiko

Hearing the sound of an axe and trees down onto the ground in untouched forests. The sun goes up in the morning, a frontier use his axe to fall the snow off from branches, as more trees are down, a frontier finds something in between trees… A natural spring fountain is found and everybody gets excited and party just like festivals are held. The water flows naturally to the lower, hitting some rocks in the middle, splashing and keep flowing to the low. The season moves into summer and the taiko sounds can be heard... A mining tram runs in mining mountains and setting poles to ensure the mining road inside. Checking the engine of steam loco motive train, feeding coals into the engine pots… The steam loco motive train runs through Iburi-JR line. The season turns onto festival season again…people dance, party with the energetic drum sounds. The splash of spring water in concert with festivals splashes even higher and describing the enjoyable moments. This is described the history of this the Yotei region with the nostalgic memories that were fade away under the recent developments.
This is a compilation of Mr. Rokuro Takada’s work.